Selling And Consigning

Whether you have an extensive collection or just a few rare specimens, or if you would simply like a valuation, we welcome your enquiry and look forward to helping you receive the most for your collectibles. We have an unrivalled breadth of knowledge to advise you on the market.

Thanks to our broad clientele of global collectors and traders we are able to market your consignment directly with your potential buyer. Please e-mail us details and pictures of the items you wish to sell to, or call us on +44 (0)207 930 7888 and we can talk you through what’s best for you.

Consigning to us is simple and can be very much tailored to your requirements. We offer generous advances at no extra cost, and photography and insurance free of charge.

We understand that you are taking an important decision when consigning your property for sale and with Baldwins of St James’s you will benefit from:

As a vendor you will benefit from a sale process that is efficient, fair and transparent. We offer you a fully comprehensive service, taking care of every element of the process, from transportation to storage and insurance.

Stephen Fenton himself will be your dedicated contact and will personally promote your consigned items to a targeted group of clients. We are fully committed to achieve the best possible results for your items.

We will communicate with you in writing and over the phone from the moment you consign with us and the process is easy:

You can either bring your items to us yourself or ship them to us, or if you have a whole collection we can arrange shipping. As soon as we receive your items we will send you a consignment advice form confirming their safe arrival. You will be given a Terms for Sellers document to sign, setting forth terms and fees for our services.

If you would like to put a reserve price on one or more of your consigned items please let us know. Your item will not be sold below this price.

Approximately three weeks prior to the sale a copy of the catalogue will be sent to you together with a Pre-Sale Statement listing all the details of your assigned lots and agreed commission charges (if there are any).

Shortly after the auction you will receive a Post-Sale Statement listing the results of your items sold.

Settlement cheques will be issued approximately four weeks from the auction date.

Best Possible Presentation Of Your Consigned Items:

We will present your consigned items in the best possible manner.

Our highly praised printed catalogues feature state-of-the-art illustrations and detailed catalogue entries for each lot. They are mailed out free of charge to our ever increasing audience of global collectors. Every item consigned to us is closely examined, well researched and optimally described by our cataloguers, who can draw upon an extremely diverse range of expertise.

We also assign conservative yet realistic estimates and thus encourage competition in a challenging market place. This way we ensure that we achieve the best possible results at auction.

A few weeks before the sale the electronic catalogue will be available which allows viewers not only to browse the full cataloguing for every lot, but also zoom in on the images of the items to inspect them in detail, as if examining them first hand. The e-catalogue can be accessed from the Baldwin's of St James’s website as well as at and

And lastly, we don’t just sell your consigned items, we make an event of it! Our auctions are popular occasions, held at The Cavendish Hotel in London, SW1. For those who can’t attend the auction in person, it is possible to follow and bid in the sale free of charge over the internet in real-time on our website.

A Bespoke Marketing Strategy:

We work tirelessly to ensure that every important consignment achieves maximum auction awareness by creating strategic advertising and marketing campaigns.

Our marketing initiatives include illustrated adverts in a number of specialised coin publications both in the UK and worldwide, as well as e-newsletters and colour brochures that are distributed at coin shows and mailed out to targeted clients.

Besides that, thanks to Stephen Fenton’s exceedingly wide network of collectors and traders, we take steps to personally market lots to the right bidders. Stephen often brings highlights from collections consigned to us to international coin fairs and important annual shows such as the ANA World Fair of Money, the Chicago International Coin Fair, the Tokyo International Coin Convention and of course Coinex, the UK’s biggest coin show.

These are indispensable opportunities to market the auctions directly to potential buyers, exchange information and develop professional and social contacts with individual dealers and collectors from around the world.

Our Results:

We pride ourselves on our success rates. The results we achieve very often exceed our consignors’ expectations. 2014 was a record-breaking year for Baldwin's of St James’s with the sales of the George Collection (Auction 25) and the Lissner Collection (Auction 29), the latter being the sale of a large variety of very high quality coins of the world, many of which achieved hammer prices far beyond their original estimates.